The Blue Candle

Christmas. for those who've pass. Crissouli


Just a simple candle to remember

The times we used to have

Though we cannot touch your arm

We still can touch your heart

As you still touch ours.

© 2012 Crissouli


My blogging friend, Crissouli, is a wonderful storyteller and poet.  Last Christmas she shared her love and loss in this beautiful memoir.  Please click HERE to read her post in its entirety. Maybe you too will choose to light a blue candle, from time to time, to help ease those deep feelings of loss…

Thankyou Chris and may you be forever blessed for your loving compassion, understanding and inspiration.


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel



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2 responses to “The Blue Candle

  1. Thank you for sharing my verse and post, Catherine. It is especially at these times of celebration, that so many hearts ache for what was, for loved ones who have passed. The beautiful flickering of a burning candle represents so many things to me…. It’s beauty, life… It’s warmth, comfort… It’s extinguishable flame, the fragility of life… Yet, by it’s very being, a candle lights the way, gives hope and a feeling of renewal.

    May all who share what is a long standing tradition in our family, remember the joys of times passed and honour those, with lives well lived.

  2. May those who grieve be comforted… thanks Chris.

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