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Cartoon - cemeteries. cause of death written


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Plan for re-using Gravesites – Cheltenham Cemetery 2013-2018

Coming across my Great Grandmother’s grave with one of those horrid renewal notices on it, despite having paid her lease (including arrears), I was horrified that this should happen and was concerned for the descendants of all of those laid to R.I.P. in this section.  Had they been informed, had the information been published? etc…  For three months I tried in vain to get a response from the Records Department at Cheltenham Cemetery, South Australia, as to the situation with these 400+ graves in GX section. All attempts to get a response failed which you can read about HERE.  As time began running out, and receiving no reply to my concern, I posted an alert that the Graves in GX were “about to be recycled” as this is how I understood the situation. You can read that post HERE.

Cheltenham Cemetery Plan show GX Section in bottom left hand corner.

Cheltenham Cemetery Plan show GX Section in bottom left hand corner.

What a relief it was to get an official response from the officer appointed by the Attorney General’s Office to investigate my queries.  Our Attorney General is responsible for overseeing the work of the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority (ACA), who manages Cheltenham on behalf of the South Australian Government.  It thankfully took only 6 weeks to receive a detailed, and most courteous response, to my queries.

Here is the reply to my major, and most urgent question, regarding the Graves in GX Section:

Response from the Attorney General's Office - 18 Nov 2013

Response from the Attorney General’s Office – 18 Nov 2013

How wonderful to finally get a reply, and to be directed, to the information I’d been seeking for almost 5 months. The “Cheltenham Cemetery Plan of Management” shows exactly those sections of the Cemetery where graves, with un-renewed leased, be re-used/re-cycled up to and including 2018.





Cheltenham Cemetery – Plots to be re-used from 2013 to 2018

The Following paths in Cheltenham Cemetery have been identified to be redeveloped during the life of the plan to ensure the ongoing provision of burials plots.

2013/2014 (Year 1)
Section F Path 7(29) East & West
Section J Path 5(6) East & West
Section J Path 6(7) East & West
Section J Path 7(8) East & West
Section K Path 9(20) East & West
Section K Path 10(21) East & West 

2014/2015 (Year 2)
Section L Path 2(13) East & West
Section L Path 3(14) West only 

2015/2016 (Year 3)
Section F Path 6(28) East & West
Section L Path 3(14) East only
Section L Path 4(15) West only
Section L Path 5(16) East & West
Section L Path 6(17) West only 

2016/2017 (Year 4)
Section L Path 6(17) East only
Section L Path 7(18) East & West
Section L Path 8(19) West only 

2017/2018 (Year 5)
Section F Path 5(27) East & West
Section L Path 8(19) East only
Section L Path 9(20) East & West
Section L Path 10(21) East & West

(Page 39 of 70 pages)

The sections proposal for redevelopment at Cheltenham Cemetery during the life of this plan are marked on the aerial view below.

Cheltenham Cemetery - 5year plan for re-use of gravesite with expired leases

Cheltenham Cemetery – 5year plan for re-use of gravesite with expired leases

                        Cheltenham Cemetery Burial Sites Redevelopment Program 2013—2018

1 Cleared factory earmarked for residential development.
2 Site identified as potential offsite office and depot. Currently privately owned.
3 Existing Port Road house/office. Privately owned, potential relocation site for offices and workshop.
4 Existing workshop & staff facilities: Approx 375 Sq.M


So, the plan is that the graves under threat this year – 2014/2015 (Year 2 ) are:
Section L Path 2(13) East & West
Section L Path 3(14) West only 

I was advised that

“The online listing of the sites flagged for redevelopment is current. The current listing of the Authority’s website was advertised in the Public Notices of the Advertiser on 30 January 2013…”

Gravesites planned to be re-used 2013-2014 and published on the ACA website

Gravesites planned to be re-used 2013-2014 and published on the ACA website

With the date given by the AG’s department of the advertising of expired grants for 2013-2014, and with the help of Nathan from The Advertiser, I finally managed to locate the Advertisement. Many thanks Nathan…

The Advertiser, Public Notices - 30 January 2013

The Advertiser, Public Notices – 30 January 2013

The advice from the Attorney General’s Department, 18 Nov 2013, is that
“…the next advertisement of expired grave sites will be in early 2014, at which time the website listing will be updated to reflect the new expired site/grant details.”

So, “keep your eyes peeled folks”… it will be published in the Public Notices of the Advertiser and is easy to miss.

computer reading orig


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Almost Cemetery Fences

The destruction and desecration of gravesites disturbs my very soul and to see these old burial sites allowed to simply return to nature fills my heart with gladness…

Always Backroads

The cemetery from the time when Elephant Butte Dam was being built (about 1916 but there are a few newer graves) is guarded by a couple of ‘no trespassing’ signs.  No fence, just the fence posts.  no trespassing

And this is what they guard.  This is the newer grave (R. J. Schmalhausen, 1861-1932).
EB fenced grave

Most graves that can be seen are just piles of rocks overgrown with cactus and creosote.  This one had a nice fence once, but I think the cactus protects the grave more than the metal fence ever did.

EB grave cactus

Here’s an overview of the cemetery.  Not many family members visit to put flowers on the graves.  But the other day there were bluebirds decorating the area.  Very nice.

EB cemeteryI’ll link with Friday Fences, although mine are minimal.

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Time for a little more grave humour, methinks…


                            May 2014 bring everyone peace and contentment in abundance…
Happy New Year!!!



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Port Adelaide Pioneers… gravesites gone.

The great esteem shown to their local Pioneers by the dignitaries, and residents, of the Port Adelaide district is clearly shown in this report from the Adelaide Advertiser (Thursday, 4 Oct 1928, page 14.) describing the Civic Reception and entertainment held in their honour.

SAGUT. Pioneers. Port Adelaide. intro

One of the Pioneers, mentioned a little further down in this rather length newspaper article, and honoured on that day is Mr F.L. Le Leu.

SAGUT. Pioneers. Le Leu

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1931), Thursday 4 October 1928, page 14

Mr Le Leu died on 30 Aug 1945, aged 89 and was buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, South Australia.  A search of their site sadly shows that his gravesite has been re-used/ re-cycled and there remains no signage to mark this Pioneer’s life. The civic respect and gratitude, shown in 1928, did not continue.

Cheltenham Grave redeveloped. Le Leu

On Monday 7 October 1929 (page 9) the Adelaide newspaper, the News, reports the death of  Mr E. Pine who was reported to be “one of the earliest settlers of Woodville district.

SAGUT. Pioneers. Pine

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 – 1954), Monday 7 October 1929, page 9

This highly regarded early Pioneer was also laid to “Rest In Peace” in the Cheltenham Cemetery… However the records show that he too did not remain respectfully laid to rest for Mr Edward Pine’s gravesite has been re-used and re-cycled, with another taking up his burial place and his memorial gone.

Cheltenham Grave redeveloped. Pine

When reading the huge number of glowing newspaper reports about Captain Beilby H. Evans, and his pioneering contribution to the development of South Australia,  I felt quite confident that his gravesite would still be intact.  Here is the introduction to his lengthy Obituary which gives some idea of this mans extreme importance in the European settlement of South Australia.

SAGUT. Pioneers. Evans

The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), Monday 28 June 1926, page 8

Clearly even Captain Beilby H. Evans was not considered worthy enough to have his “final resting place” maintained and protected.  The disgrace of it is here, for all to see, on the Cheltenham Cemetery Website.

Cheltenham Grave redeveloped. Evans Capt

Just a little research showed that the grandson of Captain Evans died during WW1 in France and I wondered if there had been a memorial to him on his Grandfather’s grave?  This was common practice but maybe not, in this case…  Hu knows???

SAGUT. Pioneers. Evans jnr.2

Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 – 1954), Saturday 23 September 1916, page 43


Well, there it is… just a brief outline of the many “Portonians” (Port Adelaide Pioneers) whose contributions to the settlement of South Australia have become ignored, and overlooked.  No longer feted and celebrated… the final insult being the desecration of their gravesites.  Sadly, it’s seen as more important to accommodate the wishes of “newcomers”, who want to be buried close to where they live.  Just too sad    😥     Surely there must be a way to bring an end to this. A way which meets the needs of all.

Babies' Rose

Copyright © 2014. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel 

Thanks to the National Library of Australia for the Newspaper articles.



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Can You Hear Australia’s Heroes Marching?

A total of 434 war graves marked by bronze plaques are contained in the Adelaide River War Cemetery. The burials are made up of 14 airmen of the RAF, 12 unidentified men of the British Merchant Navy; one soldier of the Canadian Army; 18 sailors, 181 soldiers and 201 airmen of the Australian Forces and seven men of the Australian Merchant Navy.

The Northern Territory Memorial to the Missing honours a further 292 servicemen and women lost to the north of Australia. The adjacent civil section contains the graves of the nine Post Office staff killed on 19 February 1942 during the bombing of Darwin, one of 63 separate occasions from that date. The 63 civilian casualties buried in the cemetery include those of 31 Indigenous Australians.

The youngest buried in the cemetery was Robert H. Stobo, Deck Cadet, M.V. ‘Neptuna’, killed 19/2/1942. He was with the Merchant Navy and was killed in Darwin Harbour during a Japanese air raid. He was only 16 years old.

Wing Commander A.R Tindal is also buried in the cemetery. He was killed in action during a Japanese air raid on Darwin on 19/2/1942. The RAAF Base Tindal in the Northern Territory is named after him. During WW2, there were up to 30,000 Australian Army and United States soldiers based near the town. The 107th Australian General Hospital and 119th Australian General Hospital were set up around Adelaide River.

The last person to be buried in the cemetery was Eileen Hughes in 1947. She came to the Northern Territory to visit her son’s grave who was killed in the war. She died in a motor vehicle accident and was buried in the civil section of the cemetery.


Thanks to Eddie Rushworth for sharing this Video some weeks ago. It’s been lying heavy in my heart since then and now I know why.  It’s because I’ve been remembering the desecration and destruction of the gravesites, and memorials, of so very many of our South Australian “diggers” who died “following the call”… and the sacrilege of our “Australia’s Heroes” final resting place continues.

Can those of us who are left, truly say that we have proven to be “worthy of the sacrifice”?…  


Copyright © 2013. Catherine Ann Crout-Habel 



A chance to make a difference and preserve South Australian graves…

Right now we all have a brief opportunity to make a real difference in ensuring that the descendants of those buried in South Australia are fully informed enabling them to take over expired leases, and save/ preserve the graves of their Ancestors, if this is what they wish – information is power.

South Australia has a new “Burial and Cremation Act 2013”  which I’ve written about previously. The Draft Bill went through a Public Consultation process, passed the Parliament on 4 June 2013 and received Royal Assent on 14 June 2013.

This work to create a single Act to regulate the industry and to create consistency across the industry including the duration of interment rights, the closure and conversion of cemeteries and the re-use of interment sites, has ensured privately owned cemeteries are subject to the same regulatory scheme as publicly operated cemeteries.  This began 10 years ago with the work of a Select Committee and has much to commend it e.g. the removal of the 99-year limitation on interment rights in public cemeteries but unfortunately the leasing arrangements, whereby a burial site can be re-used/ re-cycled if the lease is not renewed, remains.

However, all is not lost because the Act can not come into operation until the “Regulations” which describe how the Act will actually be administered have been written and passed by Parliament.  It is most fortunate that our South Australian Attorney General/ Deputy Premier, John Rau, has called for public consultation on the Draft Regulations. Here is an opportunity for us all to put forward our views on aspects of this Bill crucial to family, family historians and genealogists… e.g.

*clarifying who is entitled to exercise, or enforce, an interment right when the holder of the lease has died.

*the manner in which descendants are advised the lease has expired and that if it remains unpaid the grave will revert to the control of the cemetery authority for “redevelopment” i.e. re-use/ re-cycling.

*the disposal of unclaimed memorials etc.

If you wish to take part in consultation on the Draft Regulations the contact person is:

Kellie Tilbrook
Senior Legal Officer, Policy and Legislation

Responses need to be forwarded in little more than 2 weeks time i.e. by the close of business Friday 15 November 2013, at the latest, and sent to:

Burial and Cremation Regulations 2013 Consultation
c/o Legislative Services
 Attorney-General’s Department
GPO Box 464

Email:           LLPsubmissions@agd.sa.gov.au

PLEASE NOTE:  Consultation is not restricted to those residing in South Australia as many move interstate and/ or overseas trusting that their loved ones will be left to R.I.P. in their South Australian graves and with the memorials telling a little of their lives and especially the depth of love and feelings of loss.

For further information and/ or to discuss these matters with like minded folk you can always apply to join the “Saving Graves – South Australia” Facebook Group. Please click HERE for the details.  Cheerio for now…


BURIAL AND CREMATIONS ACT 2013. South Australia. Assented to 14Jun2013

Burial and Cremation Regulations Draft for Comment


Copyright © 2013.  Catherine Ann Crout-Habel

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